Baking Progress is growing up!

Baking progress is growing up. I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog, and it’s gotten a far bigger audience than I ever thought it would, so thanks! Because it’s been so much more enjoyable than I thought, I’ve decided to start a new blog, this time casting the net a bit wider to creat a blog that still focuses on food, but not just baking (although there will still be a lot of that going on, trust me!)

I’d really hate to lose any followers on here so it would be great if you’d check out the new blog, it’s called ‘Lunch, et cetera’ and you can find it at

I’ll slowly be moving all the recipes from Baking Progress over to the new blog, so none of the recipes will be lost.

So thanks for all the support, and I’ll see you at Lunch, et cetera!

Jo 🙂


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